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Look after myself otherwise I won't be able to help others

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PurpleHeather has written 8 entries about this goal

Am trying so hard at this

especially as I’m pregnant but as there’s so little time before he arrives I’ve so much to do! It’s difficult.

I’m not taking on too much at work and trying not to work extra hours.

Got a window cleaner now

Doesn’t sound like much but it will certainly help. It’s a man from our village and he will be round every 6-8 weeks.

Also we need to find a new cleaner – the previous one wasn’t really very good and then hubby was between jobs so we couldn’t justify the expense for the past 7 months which was a valid reason to stop using the other one. Hubby has now been working in a permanent job again so with us both out at work we don’t have time for much cleaning.

I’m thinking of going for an agency cleaner rather than a private one. May be a little more expensive but if I don’t have to clear up after her when I get home from work then that’ll be great!

Anyone got experience of agency vs private cleaners?

I've got a cleaner

and she starts on Wednesday :)

Hope it works out well and gives us the spare time that we think it will.

I'm getting a cleaner

This will be a big help to me (and hubby too).

Unfortuately the one I was recommended and had space in her diary for me is totally petrified of cats! I’m going to meet her daughter and see if she will work out. Otherwise will look around more.

Bought an extra week of holiday from work

This time off will be me-time to rest and relax (and maybe paint the bathroom wall that isn’t tiled or do a little gardening).

I’m looking forward to it and have tagged it onto the end of another week of annual leave that I have already booked. What with the two bank holidays in May I won’t have a 5 day week all month. Roll on May ;)

Booked a spa day

I’m going on the spa day with my mum so that she also benefits from the pampering but thought that this day would make me relax and take many hours out of the rat race. It’s not for nearly 3 months but at least I can look forward to it.

I’ve taken a couple of unnecessarily long baths recently with plenty of bubbles and candles and have also painted my nails (purple of course). I haven’t had time for much more than this so there is still only a little “me” time.

One thing we’ve reinstated recently is getting the last things done for the weekend by late afternoon on the Sunday and spending Sunday evening watching a film at home with hubby. This is a good way to end the weekend.

Still not doing well

My priority isn’t myself. I’ve had loads to do for others and had a lot of work on too so any me time is kept to a bare minimum.

Any tips on how to make time for me?

I am really not very good at this

I am even worse at admitting this. There I’ve done it and now I need to ensure that I look after myself much, much better.

I put others first and have quite a few people who I think of and put before myself who are in need of support physically and/or mentally.

I’ve worn myself out, have got myself stressed and feel I have almost nothing left to give (but will still give my last to those around me).

I am really not at all good at relaxing or taking time for myself, my health is not good (and hasn’t been for 15 years).

I need to change where I am going and how I do it.

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