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Night at the spa booked

I’m going to Champneys Tring at the end of May with my mum. We’ve known that we’re going for a couple of months now but hadn’t booked the date.

We’ve not been to this one before – we usually go to Henlow (not that we go that frequently!)

A third thing - night at a spa

I’ve got a week’s holiday in Spain next month, Reading festival in August and now I’ve got a night at a spa with my mum sometime in March or May. Don’t usually have this many things to look forward to – I’m really lucky.

Mum really needs the break but doesn’t want to go for more than 1 night as dad wants to see how he copes at home without mum for 36 hours. The previous times she’s been to the spa with me he’s been in respite care. We’ll see how it all goes and hope that everyone gets a good break (and perhaps dad realises just how much mum does for him so he appreciates her a bit more on her return).

Reading Festival - August 2010

I have bought my tickets and we’ll be there again.

2010 will be hubby’s 25th Reading Festival!!!

Holiday to Spain at the end of February

Hubby and I have a weeks holiday booked in Spain at the end of Feb next year (but not in half term). It’ll be horribly cold in England then so a little warmth and sun will be very welcome.

We’ll probably do very little and relax. Perhaps read a few books and possibly go outside the apartment complex (we’ll need to hire a car to get there so we might use it during our weeks stay).

We’re not too far from the southern coast (we’re somewhere near to Andalucia apparently) and it’s possible to do a day trip to Africa (which sounds really exciting).

Reading festival in August

I think Reading festival is the next thing that I’m looking forward to as I had my spa day yesterday.

I know it’s over 3 months away but it’s going to be fun and hubby and I are both looking forward to it.

Spa day soon

I’m having a day at a spa with my Mum on 14 May. Mum’s coming to stay with me for a few days (Dad’ll be in respite care for a fortnight so Mum gets a break and is going away with her friend too).

This has been booked for over a couple of months now and we’re both looking forward to it.

It’s good to have something to look forward to.

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