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Photolisting of children

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I still feel the same way about this as previously

Despite being pregnant, I don’t see having adoptive children as an either/or. However, it may never happen due to financial issues (here in Sweden almost all adoptions are international, and the rules the countries have, particularly when it comes to ‘net worth’ are something we are not going to reach for many years, if at all). This is a sad state of affairs, I think, for all those children who are sitting in orphanages who aren’t being adopted because their potential parents’ house doesn’t cost enough, for example. Very sad.

Where did the 'five years' come from?

I don’t know what I was basing that estimate on, perhaps if I had still been single, or perhaps if I thought ‘yeah, we’ll have had a few kids by then’. I don’t know. What were you thinking, 2008 Rache? Anyway, this is still something that I see as important. I do seem to be a little on my own on this one, however.

I do not see adoption as a thing that only infertile people do as a ‘last resort’, which seems to be the census if you tell anyone you’re considering adoption at some point. I think if you can give a child a home, love, a family, why wouldn’t you do that? It doesn’t mean I don’t want biological children, if we can, then I would like them too :) But I don’t see why the general view is that you have one or the other, but not both.

Bought some books on the subject

They are of two people’s experiences becoming a mother to Chinese children. I have yet to read them, but they’re in my list once I’ve finished Michael Caine’s biography, and Brideshead Revisited.

Something so important

I am eager to do this in five years or so, it will definitely be a huge experience, one that will last a lifetime :)

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