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Purplenails in London is doing 11 things including…

Keep track of all the movies I watch in 2009

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Purplenails has written 76 entries about this goal

# 91 Tropic Thunder and #92 The Hangover

Both movies I originally put off seeing.

I’m not a fan of Ben Stiller but I really liked Tropic Thunder, thought it was clever, and had the wonderful Robert Downey Jr (always a winner), although being kinda controversial.

The Hangover, I thought I’d be laughing hysterically. I did not. It did not live up to the hype, and I generally didn’t like the characters one bit.

# 90 Nightwatch (Danish)

This was a good little Danish thriller, which I believe was re-made almost word for word in English with Ewan McGregor in the lead, from what I hear the Danish version is far better.

It concerns a Danish Law student taking up a Nightwatch position at the local morgue, while having issues with his best friend and the two of them trying to figure out their future with their respective girlfriends. All the while there’s a serial killer on the loose. It’s far better than my bad blurb.

Another plea, watch the orignal Brothers (Danish, Susanne Bier’s version) rather than Hollywood’s or at least before Hollywoods.

Remaining films I saw in 2009 (in no particular order) Part One
  1. 88 Because I Said So- to give you an idea of this film, rotten tomatoes gives it 5% and one reviewer said it’s as if a computer was fed random Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City episodes and Pottery Barn catalogues. Sounded right to me. Especially if you think about the average comments about Gilmore Girls (for those who didn’t watch it), that the characters spoke to fast, and the SATC girls ability to talk v openly about sex (however they weren’t related and none of them gave birth to another). Also I would say that their words didn’t seem to have any weight. It was a terrible screenplay which made no sense, perhaps in certain countries/religions etc, 22 is a terrible age to be unmarried (yet own your own catering business) but in the culture/time it was set this seemed somewhat hysterical. Which I guess was pretty much the characteristic of Diane Keaton’s character (the mother). Oh yeah and they chucked some singing in there for good measure, cos well Mandy Moore’s in it. I really don’t know why Piper Perabo was in it, she was AMAZINGLY underused.
    -I guess this is useful for those trying to write a screenplay, exhibit A, what not to do.
    Top Tips to avoid this sort of crap
    1) Characters not stereotypes (in this case confused and outdated stereotypes)
    2) Everyone can’t be nice all the time, or horrible yet everyone’s ok with it (all the time)
    3) Too many cliches spoil the broth
    4) quirks aren’t quirks when you drop them halfway into the movie
    5) women speaking over each other at rapid speed, arguing, not listening and talking VERY openly about their sex lives with their family indicates you know very little about familiy/human relations
    6) Cause, then effect
    7) Moving furniture around for 5 minutes is too long for a film when everything else happens at breakneck speed. Also it’s not interesting. It’s called filler.
    8) Lean=mean

And finally a plea. Could someone write a decent female centric film which is not a crappy biopic, nor a rom com, nor a fluffly female ensemble piece. Or just a film where a woman is real, there are real relationships, and she is not weak, a fool, or just dull.

  1. 89 Must Love Dogs
    This was better than Because I Said So, but seemed to have a similar premise, if you are alone then you’re life is automatically null, (especially if you are a woman), and clearly you are very very unhappy. I did like this film somewhat though, although these parts escape me at the moment. Just like moving furniture around for a ridiculous amount of movie time isn’t great filmmaking neither is (SPOILERS) an extended sequence of attempting to get condoms from every available outlet, funny to start with but goes on too long! Equally didn’t make sense, firstly this woman came out of a crappy relationship not so long why is she desperate to jump right in again, why is john cusack’s character so quick to judge and be despondent after about two dates, neither which ended great? Just thin in both cases the movie thinks it needs to have certain thinks the meetcute thingy, the complication, the ‘they’re not talking to each other’ anymore, ooh it might not work, the getting back together, the rushing to the ‘airport’ scene. Like the other reviewer said it’s as if they shove certain ‘unique elements’ into a computer which tries to pull out the rough sequence as above, even if the character’s motivation is nil or forced. BAH!

#87 Pieces of April

Great film, very sweet but also sad. (hulu)

#86 Watchmen

I liked the style of this film, and thought it was a pretty good comic book based film, although it did seem to drag on and not actually get to the point for a large part of the film, I also felt like I must have seen the story before, or read it before because I pretty much knew what was going to happen. It was stylish though and interesting, though equally in feeling that I already seen the ending, I also felt like half the beginning had been lopped off as I didn’t understand how they were superheroes, whether they had superpowers etc.

# 85 Let the right one in

I didn’t like this as much as I thought I would. I did like the bleak colouring but didn’t find the story very involving, the children’s connection is kind of disturbing, and the ‘gore’ scene seemed like something out of terrible 70’s movie. It just didn’t live up to they hype for me. I was pretty bored really :(

#84 500 Days of Summer

I’m afraid I wasn’t very impressed, it’s basically a standard rom-com with a pretty standard ending-really …

It just attempts non-standard story telling, and it just came across as bitty and that Gordon-Levitt wasn’t ‘feeling’ his character he seemed too knowing. It was funny in parts but the characters weren’t very in depth they didn’t feel like real people- just romcom cut-outs. And it was boringly cliche, and enters the whole muse territory, the woman in this film doesn’t care about her career and seems to have no aspirations whatsoever.

Basically it was playing at being ‘indie’.

#83 The Boss of it All (Direktøren for det hele)

I loved this! It’s the only other Lars von Trier film I’ve seen besides The Idiots. But it is brilliant, you have to like awkward comedies though, and perhaps be aware of the history between Iceland and Denmark. Very funny though with some completely absurd scenes. I loved it when they’re at the cinema with the ice-cream, ripping up paper. 5 stars.

#82 The Notorious Bettie Page

I was quite dissapointed with this film, I was meant to a while back go see this film and hear a talk by Mary Harron the director, who also directed American Psycho, which unfortunately (or not) I missed. I was somehow led to believe the film had something to do with equality of the sexes, and would be somewhat intelligent, or even layered. However it seemed to be generic titilation really, Bettie Page’s life was glossed over and we really didn’t get into much detail about her thoughts or feelings, or reasonings, her life is far more interesting if you read her wiki entry. It was quite an empty piece. Nothing really distasteful just really underwhelming. Well shot, and Gretchen looks the spitting image of Bettie, the photographers are interesting characters but Bettie is pretty vapid.

#81 Wilderness Survival for Girls

Like Hard Candy, this turns tables on what you expect might happen, in a way it’s more interesting as you learn more about the girls and their dynamic and why they do what they do, whereas we learn little of Hayley, who although an ‘honours student’ as she declares, her ability and reasoning for why she did what she did, and how on earth she found them is left unanswered, and feels unlikely for a 14 year old. However this film isn’t as taunt or clear on what sort of genre territory we’re in, and the camera work is far more amateur. But an interesting film certainly better than a whole host of others I scrolled through on lovefilm. Loving this new feature! (Knowing me it’s probably not all that new!)

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