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I completed my challenge and handed it in on time. Unfortunately I keep thinking what I could have done better, but whatever-it’s done now, all I have to think about is completing uni.:)


Trying to get back into the swing of things with this goal. I’ve been attempting to read a load of books on the subject, and that’s pretty much all I’ve done. I guess I need some sort of plan. At the moment I think I’m just gonna attempt to do at least 3 hours a day on this goal. So far I’ve possibly done two today but that was mainly writing the bibliography (lol) and reading one book and underling it. I’ll see if I can finish it today and then maybe type up my notes although that’s perhaps a bit ambitious. I’ll do an update in a bit.


I’ve managed to get out five books on my subject and at the local library I was able to order in a few things. Now I have to just read through a load of this stuff. I’ve already ‘written’ my bib, check out easybib -love it!


I’ve been looking up books that I need just got to figure out how I’m going to get them as their at a local uni’s library (not my own) they’re also in a London library but at the moment I’m not in London and not sure when I’ll be going back.


and I’m not sure it counts in the same way that other degrees do. But its still quite a big deal and the horrible draft I sent to my superviser was royally ripped apart. So I need to work on this a lot, worst part is where to start as the writing I has is a mess and I probably need to read a lot more, and its due in October. Aah…

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