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Maybe I should

Stop comparing myself to others. I feel like that is such a downer on my confidence. I really need to focus on me and only me

New clothes

Soo my new clothes were definitely a confidence booster! I actually got to buy some medium clothes because they fit nicely instead of all large which was a big shock to me! My motto really working out. Look good to feel good.

I look good thus I feel good

I’m starting to feel better about myself because I’ve shed a few pounds and I feel more comfortable & confident. My clothes aren’t as snug so I feel better. my new motto, if I look good I feel good


Sometimes I doubt things I do and its really a hit to my confidence. I really try to focus more on the positive but sometimes its rly hard to.

Head Held High

The more I do things with confidence, the more confident I feel. Like they say “Fake it, till you make it”.

Maybe I should

Talk to people with good self confidence to. I noticed some of my friends have pretty low self-esteem and it doesn’t help when I talk to them.


I feel way more confident this year already compared to last year, but I still have a little bit to go with this goal

Well Im just sayin :D

Idk like for me, a lot of people i know get their confidence from looks. I get my confidence from things I do. I feel confident in my math skills right now, because I got a good grade on my last test. Im working my way up the ladder and I wouldn’t change a thing :D

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