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become closer to God

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Started to read the bible to kind of understand God more.

I need to go to church

I think i’ll go by myself tomorrow just to spend some time alone and rly listen to the word of God.

I really need to

Spend more time in church & praying. I feel that sometimes I get really busy or distracted and forget the little but important things.


Putting in more time for prayer and bible reading. This makes me really happy.

To many thoughts

I feel like most of the time when Im not talking or occupied, im deep in thought. I hate when I have a lot of things on my mind and I couldn’t even focus in church today. I need to clear my head.,

Church felt nice

I went to church alone last Sunday and it felt so nice. I think when I have less distractions I am able to focus on what the priest is saying and not the people around me.


Maybe I need to pay more attention in church or something because sometimes I go and I get really sleepy or bored. I think I need to focus more on what the preacher is saying and not on my environment.


I dont even know how/where to start

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