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write a novel

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So I’ve began the novel and the aim is to get it finished this time and not wimp out because I get ‘stuck’ in the drama of my story that I don’t know where to go to finish it.

If I had to describe my novel, its superheros meets romance meets clean-fiction! It is so frustrating the amount of smutty-novels out there that I think, initally that is what helped me get inspired about writing good inspiring stories that were entertaining.

My method is pretty much like it always has been -get key scenes in that make things interesting and then flesh out the story and bring it all together. I know, ideally you should work on the story and then flesh out the scenes but I find my brain works better in ‘spurts’ of creativeness.

Doesn't mean I want it published...

Just something I have tried and never finished. Would like to be able to say that I have done this just for me.

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