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Take more pictures

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Got my camera working again!! Took over a hundred photos of our night in on Friday! FUN!

I think it'd be fun to

take a photo of something beginning with every letter of the alphabet.

E.g an apple, a box, a car, a drumkit etc

I think i may start this mission next week.

I think

I’m going to try and find batteries and film for my old camera.
My dad bought me it when i was about eleven or twelve and it’s a belter!
I sometmes like doing things the old fashioned way and actually having photographs is pretty cool, i like how you get some stupid ones and crap ones and ones where nobody has a head and stuff. They really used to make me smile.

I've finally

finished the disposable camera i’ve had since summer

can’t wait to get it developed to see what’s on there!!


i LOVE photographs and i love looking at old ones, so i have to take them a lot so that i’ll always have old ones to look at! I have a beautiful family, beautiful friends and i live in a beautiful place, so there are plenty of photo op’s!!

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