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Totally explore all of San Diego

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5% done (maybe)

Ok I have been to a lot of new places since i have been on. Way to many to name. Still have a very long way to go though.


Ok I have been checkin out on a lot new places for nightlife in Downtown. Me and my friends have found 3 places that we always gotta hit now. Joltn Joes has no cover, a bunch of pool tables, and a bartender who knows more drinks then anyone i have ever met. Taste and Thirst on 4th is cheap and the bartender there makes the best Blue Hawaiian ever. Also the hooters down there is probably the best in San Diego. The food might not be good but by time you get there you are pretty drunk so it doesn’t matter.

Oishii and P.G. King

K checked out some new places in east county. Oishii was a really good sushi place right next to my house. Never been there before cause you don’t usually trust sushii in santee. But it was awesome. They had duck. Duck is good. P.G. King was pretty good. Cheap prices and very tasty. But very small. I think they only had like for tables.


Ok I have been to a lot of new places, mostly in PB and downtown. I really liked the shore club in PB. They have the best carne Asada Fries,

Del Mar

Ok i went up to go to Del Mar yesterday. Didn’t really get a chance to check out most of it. Went to the shopping center there and found out it is way to expensive there. But the people there are really nice and there was an art gallery there that features local art. I really suggest going to check it out.

I also stopped by oceanside and finally ate at Angelo’s burgers. Not that bad but not the greatest either. Kinda tasted like rallys. There is a classic video game store up there that has a huge collection of old games. If you are a gamer i suggest checking it out. It is called Game ADX and it is on vista way right and the 101.

Half of it done.

I’ve lived in San Diego my whole life so i should have at least 50% percent explore. I have the big places done; the zoo, seaworld, Balboa, La Jolla, Gaslamp, and many others. But I want to search every corner of SD. And I mean everything. I guess i can take out places like carlsbad and Solana beach because i haven’t really hung out there.

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