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It's hard to know when to consider this done,

as it’s good to always “keep going”, but I’ll consider this done and replace this goal with more specific goals that can easily and eventually be reached. Until then, I will keep going ‘til I can’t go no mo.

This goal currently entails

1. finishing up clinic shift (12 hours left)
2. Getting everything together to take board exams
3. Take board exams
4. Apply for license

Now that I'm back

I’ve been in sort of a daze. There are some self improvement things I’ve always wanted to do, and I’d like to do them in 21 day increments. To be on the safe side, though, I’ll just do these until the end of November and then recommit for December. I would like to keep this list short (3 things) for simplicity’s sake. And they are:

1. Wear my retainer each night
2. Make my bed each morning
3. Go to as many clinic shifts as I can

Simple enough.

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