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Well, I Assume They Are

In the aforementioned AP English class, we were given a fairly large summer reading list. We were to then choose the two we wanted to read beyond the one already chosen for us. While I didn’t get to finish the class, I’d like to think I can still read them. I guess, in a way, I’m stubborn in wanting to prove I could still read the material, despite not being qualified for the class.

I understand it’s a pretty tall order, especially since there are some on that list that I know I won’t like (any of the ones under the modern classification of “Romance”; I swear I like the old definition better) and some I will like to know what the powers-that-be were smoking when they proclaimed the piece a classic (As I Lay Dying? Really? I’ll agree it’s a piece; a big, steaming p—... I digress), but I suppose I feel like I have something to prove.

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