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I got a job!!

Yes, I am once again among the ranks of the employed! Two days ago I got a call from the second school with whom I interviewed and I was offered the position. I wanted this job more than the other one, but I was so desperate I would have taken either.

School starts September 4 for teachers and September 5 for students. I’m excited and scared at the same time.

YAY me!!!!

Year 1

My first year was wonderful, although I shed many tears for the kids and for myself.

I got a teaching position!!

(Warning: This post is stream of consciousness.)

I didn’t get the job I first interviewed for and yesterday I was kind of down (ok, VERY down) about it. But when I arrived at my student teaching assignment, one of the teachers told me that since my supervising teachers were so impressed with me and HIGHLY recommended me, she recommended me to her principal to replace her since she just got a promotion.

How cool is that?

I’ll be a 4th grade inclusion teacher. My interview was at 1:45 and I just returned their call at 3:35. They had another interview after me. She told me that they were very impressed with me and that I fit in with them. I was interviewed by the principal, assistant principal, lead special ed teacher, and another special ed teacher. My first day will be Aug. 10.

How cool IS that????

I’m a teacher, y’all!!!!!


I went to the interview today, but I wasn’t the only one to interview. I was told that I was highly recommended by the personnel manager by an email that went to the whole parish. Interesting. I’ve had to turn down two jobs since last week. One was for a middle school (my certification is only for K-5) and one that’s for only two months to cover a teacher who will be on maternity leave. Of course my preference is to teach for a full year.

Phone Call

I received a call from one of the schools in the district of my choice! (How cryptic was that statement??) It’s the school I hoped would call me because it’s the closest one in that district. I have an interview Monday morning.

Job Fair

I just came back from the job fair. I’m pretty sure I’ve picked the district I’m going to work for. It actually came as a shock to me because my home district pays about $1000 more a year and is closer than my preferred district. Can you say ‘rising gas costs?’ It’s amazing how much a district’s representative can influence a teacher’s decision.

Week 1

I have completed my first week of the alternative certification program, and on Monday, I will begin observing and student teaching 4th Graders who have failed the state LEAP test.

I hope I do them justice.

Required Reading

I’m finding it very hard to do the assigned reading that must be done before the program commences next week. It’s so dry. I’m so used to reading non-fiction littered with anecdotes, that this intense fact after fact after fact with no fluff is boring me to death. I know that since this is a condensed program, there is no time for fluff, but doggone it, I NEED FLUFF!! Well, not really fluff, but the “just the facts, Ma’am” approach isn’t holding my interest.

I’m still buying other education books. One is Classroom Management In Photographs. Lots of real-life pictures about the setup of classrooms. I really need to have this to help me plan the layout of my classroom and to give me ideas about practical educational supplies.

Of course, my favorite so far is How To Talk So Kids Can Learn. I’ve had to totally change my thoughts on how to relate to children. I have to reread this one because the suggested responses don’t come naturally to me. It makes a lot of sense. I bought another book today about positive discipline for pre-schoolers, but it’s just like the aforementioned book.

I went to the book store at the outlet mall that’s about seven miles from my house, and saw quite a few books that can be used to fill my library at a decent price. The proprietor also told me that when I have my teacher’s identification I can get an extra 15% off. I can’t wait to find out what grade I’ll be teaching!

A Woman on a Mission

Yesterday, I went to the four schools I’ve decided I want to teach at. The first one doesn’t have an opening for a special education teacher, but has two for regular ed fourth grade teachers. It scared me that there were two fourth grade openings, because I have to wonder if the high-stakes testing got to the previous teachers. I wondered about the whole school in general because it seems that at least half of the teachers haven’t been there that long. Is this because of an impossible-to-deal-with administration or because of fast growth? This is a post-Katrina world now, so the latter is possible, but I’m uneasy nonetheless.

The principal was very nice, but unfortunately she was the only principal I spoke to. I stuttered almost the whole time I talked to her. I got better as I went from school to school.

At the second school I went to, I spoke with the scretary who suggested that I call the principal at the beginning of June to find out if there are any special ed openings. She asked for my resume and I gave it to her.

At the third school it just so happened that the lights had gone out. The only lighting was the sun and a few emergency lights. There was a teacher right inside the entrance and he told me that the principal was walking down the hall. I only saw the back of her, but I knew it wasn’t a good time to hand her my resume. I told that teacher that I would return the next day.

At the fourth school, I again spoke to a secretary who told me to call the school board for information about openings. I offered my resume and she accepted it.

I only have to return to the third school today. The campus is so nice and well-kept. That might be my new home.

There is a school that is relatively close, but is not as highly rated as the last three schools I visited. It’s closer to my home than they are, but the online reviews weren’t very encouraging (behavior problems) so I never even considered it. Next door to it is the education center for deaf and hard of hearing students where cued speech is used. I might have a very good chance to get hired there and I’d learn a lot too. I really want to work with D/HH kids.

I just completed my online application on my state’s department of education web site. I applied to three different school districts. One was a last-minute decision. I’m not sure if I really want to work there, but if I can’t find another job, it will have to do. I’m going to look at the schools in that district now.

Acceptance Letter

Yesterday I received my official acceptance letter to the teaching program. I was excited, but had mixed feelings because Thursday I received a call from a staffing company saying they found my resume on and they had a lead on a position that I could possibly fill. The next day my sister sent me a job posting from that was posted by the same company that called me. I didn’t tell her anything about the call, but she saw it and figured I was qualified for the job. It might have been for the same job.

I thought about it last night and prayed very hard for a decision to be made for me, then I changed my prayer to a request for me to be at ease with the decision I made. For quite a few reasons, I’ve chosen to enter the teaching program.

Although the pay would probably be better for the IT job, I think it’s time to move out of my comfort zone. I had written in my personal journal yesterday about how I have been at one job throughout my adult life, so I’ve gotten to know ADULTS. Now it’s time to work with children. I’m sure I have a lot to learn from them. I don’t see how I will grow as a person if I take the IT job.

So teaching it is!

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