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Write a Mexican Food Cookbook with my own photos

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My computer crashed. I lost all my photos, and half my recipes. :(

I keep picking away

Everytime I make a Mexican dinner I will take the time to jot down the recipe and photograph the results until I have everything I know documented.


A friend called the other day and asked if I would consider cooking the Mexican food for her sister’s wedding reception. I said I would. I think I can do it and well at that. We’ll see if she decides to go through with this. She wants to use recipes that I am not familar with, though.

I've Started!

When I was a kid growing up in Phoenix, my parents used to take us to little Mom & Pop Mexican resturants. The food was so good. It was considered “Sonora Style”. I’m sure it was altered for gringos, but man was it tasty! It is still my favorite ethnic food. It is hard to find any places that still serve this style of food, even in Phoenix. I want to preserve these recipes for others to try and enjoy.
I have to say that Amy Sadaris’ Book I LIKE YOU, Hospitality Under the Influence, was a huge inspiration for the photography. I am still looking for more cheesey Arizona souvenirs to place with my food portraits.

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