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renewalsh has written 141 entries about this goal

Fed up

with the current situation.

Not pleased

with the closedness of someone.

I cannot stand it, in fact.


Bored bored.

Tired of this.

VERY tired.

Mightily frustrated with the people running this project

as we have ahd NOP feedback on the last materials.

No response to emails, SMSs, nothing.

Yet the deadline is immovable.

Do want to go to the home exhibition

this weekend at some point.

The trouble is, with whom? Or by myself?

At the moment

I feel like a shiny black slug. I hope that no hadedas are around to scoff me!

Perhaps I could be a cat

Aloof and withdrawn, woth sharp claws ready to protect at any sign of danger.

Perhaps I could be a caterpillar

about to crawl into its covering and become a pupa.

What will emerge eventually?

Still feeling CROSS


I am very very tired

and feel unimpressed by having to do the next bit of work.

Tired, very tired, of skirting around, tip toeing, treading delicately.

It has worn me out.

renewalsh has gotten 64 cheers on this goal.


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