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Plan every day in July

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renewalsh has written 32 entries about this goal

Done for the month

and have had a relatively relaxed month.

Polishing, preparing and priming

the order of the last day of July.

Have already had one business discussion.

BP has not made herself available, don’t know why.

Documents, dusting, and decisions

are the order of the day.

Free from the tyranny of contact, I need to create my list and get through it.

Aloe excursion

Going to an exhibition of hybrid aloes.

Rest and recover

is the theme for the day.

Attendign a networking meeting at a lovely venue, other than thta, I am a slug!

Cats, cupboards and cash

Today is a clean up, tidying, finishing and paying day for me.

I am already accompanied by Monster cat who has usurped a place on the desk in the sun. (One of the beauties of our winter is the warmth of the sun, when one is protected from the icy wind.)

He greeted my ‘hello’ with an open mouthed soft yowl. Who says that cats don’t talk?

Social Entrepreneurship vs Capitalism day

Two worlds collide:

I am participating in a competitive workshop with social entrepreneurs this afternoon, in the centre of the city.

Then I am going to an evenign awards function with DH, awash with money.


Have to waer the same outfit to both occasions!

'Marketing' - 25 July plans

Meeting with a marketing guru; finally get emails down to 0; do travel log for taxes; play 3 pieces on piano; speak to daughter, write a haiku for son; get substitute gardener who cannot speak much English to actually do some of the necessary tasks other than sweeping; dinner with DH’s glamorous friend from the bank, after gym.

Tuesday 24 July

Reflexologist; email cull; follow up; arrangements.

Spend some time on my sister’s plans.

Durban Monday

Cafe breakfast and internet session; shuttle to the sirport; flight home; DH picking me up;settle in, unpack, work; gym this evening.

renewalsh has gotten 7 cheers on this goal.


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