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lose 20 lbs


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RequiemLullaby2 has written 20 entries about this goal

I lost 10 lbs!

Between eating weight watchers, working, and walking, I already lost 10 lbs in 9 days.

I used to weigh 147, now I weigh 137. I’m trying to weigh 120. I only have 17 lbs left and I’m very excited!

More success!

I finally made it under 140 pounds! I now weigh 138 lbs! I BETTER not mess up, because I only have 18 more pounds left to go!

4 pounds down

I went from 147 to 143 pounds since Saturday, and I weighed myself on Tuesday.

Not now

I know noone really cares, but I really can’t be focusing on this goal right now. It seems like I can’t stay on a consistent diet, and I can’t lose 20 pounds if I keep on postponing.


Frigging hell

I went down from 145 to 143 pounds in 4 days. Is that good?

First weigh-in

I did it. I found the courage to weigh myself last night and I found out that I now weigh 145 pounds. I don’t want to weigh 145 lbs, but I’m also relieved that I don’t weigh more than that. I also weigh MUCH less than what I actually started at (160 lbs).

I should also take note of when I’m weighing myself, though. I’m not making excuses or exaggerating gow much less I may weigh, but instead of weighing myself at night, I should weigh myself first thing in the morning instead, but my excuse is, my scale at home is broken so I have to use the one at work.

On top of that, my monthly visitor came. I know that’s really personal, but I’m thinking that water retention may also be a factor in how much I weigh at the moment. So, actually, minus the water weight and the fact that I weigh myself after eating, I might even weigh less than that. Maybe I weigh 143. Next weigh-in, I’ll find out.

Hopefully, I’ll weigh even less than that whenever I weigh myself again because my diet over the past few days has been pretty extreme. I expect to lose 5-7 lbs in the first week. If my metabolism slows down, that’s fine, but I’d like to be thin enough to look good in a prom dress.

Hopefully, not the same thing as usual happens and I don’t stop losing weight whenever I get to a certain number. My metabolism seems to stop once I get down to 141 lbs.

In the meantime

Well, last week was a disaster! If anyone read my other posts, you remember about me saying me starting this diet immediately after Easter, and it didn’t really work the way I wanted that to.

So in the meantime, if I want to lose 20 lbs, I better at least go on a diet, which I have been for the past two days. But unless I stay on this diet, losing 20 lbs isn’t very promising despite the fact that I lost my first 20 lbs so far.

I’m kind of scared of weighing myself, but I think I’ll conjure up the courage to do that today and then report what’s up.


If you were avoiding food and you went out to eat with your family, what excuse would you make? I need one by Friday.

I found out that by burning at least 2500 extra calories in a day, I could lose 20 lbs in a month.

First day

I didn’t eat anything at all last night and I still don’t feel hungry, just slight cravings.

Completely revised plan for day after tomorrow

**goes in effect after 8:00 pm on April 8th

1. Drink about 4 bottles of water
2. Exercise my arms at least once daily
3. Exercise my stomach at least once daily
4. No calories past 7:00 pm
5. No white bread
6. No noodles
7. No potatoes
8. No corn
9. No breaded foods
10. No fried foods
11. <300 cal and under
12. No candy
13. No cookies
14. No cereal
15. No fats
16. No ambiguous calories
17. Allowed meats only grilled, broiled, or baked
18. Limit pop to 1-2 weekly servings
19. Allowed low-star vegetables
20. Allowed fruit
21. Allowed low-fat joghurt
22. Skim milk over whole

How does this sound as an idea?
I figured that this diet would last me at least two weeks and it’ll work like the South Beach diet, by gradually lifting one restriction the more weight I lose.


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