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Create A 43Things Vampire Army


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Vitamin-C Got a Juicy Human

So I’m moving mwahmwah’s underling around … and I sware if Vitamin-C isn’t charmed or something. (actually both Vitamin-C and UberPwnage (rouen.’s 1337 vampire minion) are raking it in)

Vitamin-C moves to a square with human on it and all of the sudden the human turns green. Vhat iz dis? Ok, well the (drink) link is still there. Should I click it? Why not. Worst case secnario it’s a hunter who decides to shower Vitamin-c in holy water. (a refreshing way to go I suppose)

Instead … 3000+ coins and 35 pints! OMG! Banked!

Count Chocula Wants You!

Wow. Exponential growth is cool! Quite the little virus this simple web game is eh? Six of us with the goal and more in the shadows (literally). A not so humble beginning to our would be vampire army! Yeah!

Grow army … grow! 43Thingers … I know you wanna … it’s easy … click on some of the links in our previous entries to get started. (shameless plug for recruits)

So I was bored at work and what better thing to do then: sit around and type fan based rp like fiction, of a primitive web game, where you click on links, pretending you are a vampire. I mean, am I right? I thought so.

So as a thank you (or a special kind of torture) I’m going to post it (as a comment) for the WORLD (echo echo echo) ... errr … some peopel on 43 things … to see. Thanks for goofing around with me and helping add a little life to the game!


Get bitten ...

Got blood?

Fun little game. Click above link to have me embrace you into the world of the undead … muha-ha-ha-ha-ehhh-he (shrug). =-P


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