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Learn Czech

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Well I’ve kinda fallen off the wagon for this goal… with school all my focus is always on french, because I take every class in french, but now that I’m finished, maybe I might take it up again. I really would love to learn it. If it was ever offered with IB, I would jump on it right away!


I never realized how many languages you can learn on-line. I’ve found a place with stuff for Czech, but I just can’t seem to get myself motivated enough to do the lessons, though. I would think that I would be so excited to do this. To do it for Jan or something. Maybe if I can speak his language, he would someday love me. I dunno.


started a bit at this. i found a website that told me what some colors are in czech, and what some animals are. now i need to learn how to prounounce them!

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