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Practise piano again

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Piano in Toronto

Finally my parents got a piano as a gift from a friend. That’s right, it is a gift and it is around 100 years old. But for piano, it doesn’t matter about the age as far as it has perfect performance.

One day I will try it.

When I was 18...

I practised drawing with couple of boys as my age. One day I found one of them can play piano!

When I was 4, I was “forced” to practise violin by my mother, a singer. I hated it and tried my best to make my mom crazy… The reason she let me release was not the funny stuff I did to my poor violin, it is my talent of drawing.

So I asked myself:”why he can play piano and I can’t”? I will remember that day in my whole life, the day I spent 4 hours, from 8 pm to 12 am, yes I learned how to play piano by myself and can play “love story” with both hands in 4 hours!

But when I moved to Canada in 1998, I left my piano in China and haven’t practised since then.

I tried last night in a friend’s place and I hardly play “For Alice”. What a pity!

So after my graduation, I will have one again in… where? I don’t know.


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