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Get people to play 2 Truths and a Lie on 43T.

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Lin Mei has written 2 entries about this goal


1, There is no decoration needed for your design
True, you just need to find out the nature beauty inside the form.

2, You can’t scare typeface without keep propotion
True, if you want, you can use condense fonts, or italic.

3, Please, following the design principle
Lie, after they graduate, they will design follow their liver, not principla. But as student, they need practise.


1, I forgave her and helped her moved out
True, but it just for my promise to her parents.

2, I will take all debts and she is free to go.
Lie, come on, I am not stupid.

3, I won’t go back to Canada again
Lie, I just don’t take plane.

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