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weed my garden

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Last week

I went out to pull weeds for at least 15 minutes twice last week – Monday and Wednesday. Yesterday I spent another hour, and actually made a significant dent in the overgrowth at the far end of the yard, around the emerging canna & calla lily stalks.

I doubt I’ll have time today to go out again, and in fact this whole week seems too busy to fit it in, but I’m determined to weed every bed around both the front and back yards at least once in the next month, so I’ll just have to make the time.

Holding the expectation to 15-minute increments helps a great deal to keep me from feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to do. A team of yard boys wouldn’t hurt either, but so far nobody has volunteered :oP


On my way back toward the house from the shed the other night I realized how bad the weeds have become in almost every one of my garden beds AND in the lawn. It’s so bad right now that for a brief moment I thought I might cry. I felt entirely defeated – this yard is beginning to look like the yard of an abandoned house!

But I didn’t cry. Instead I resolved to get out for at least 15 minutes an evening to pull weeds. The night before last, despite the steamy heat, Marty got out the lawn mower and I got out my gloves and spade and we spent about 45 minutes making our separate efforts to tidy the place up.

Having the grass freshly cut made a significant impact to the appearance of the yard on the whole, of course; while I worked hard and weeded quite a large area around the cannas and calla lilies, the difference was noticeable only to me, I’m sure.

I didn’t get out last night to continue, but I’m going to spend 15 minutes this morning. I have, in my head, sort of divided up the yard into smaller sections so as not to get overwhelmed again by how MUCH there is yet to do. I just have to pluck away at it, little by little. It’s surprising how much area I can cover in just 15 minutes, and I welcome the fresh air, exercise and time in the garden.

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