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Since moving

I tried Jazz dance, but only went to one lesson. It was different, and I might return to it at some point, but I decided it wasn’t something I wanted to focus on right now.

I also tried African drumming, which I quite liked. Sadly I wasn’t too sure of the instructor, so I haven’t been back since. However, there are some Taiko drumming classes in a town not too far from me. I’m hoping to make it to their one of their introductory sessions, and see if it will be possible for me to travel to the lessons.

I bought a sewing pattern to make a skirt for myself, and made a start on it. I don’t have a sewing kit, so I’ll be taking the slow route and doing it by hand. All I’ve managed so far is to cut the pieces and sew across certain edges to keep them from warping. I’m enjoying it, though, so planning to stick with it.

I went along to a Buddhist meditation group for the first time on Tuesday, which was very interesting. I struggled with the meditation itself, but the conversation was fascinating. I’m planning to go again this week.

Finally, yesterday I started learning Esperanto. I don’t speak any language other than English (despite getting an A in French at school), and thought it looked like an easier starting point than most. So far, so good! I like how logical it is, and I’m loving all the cartoons to help you learn :)

So, I’m up to 8 things now. I kind of want to keep going beyond 10, it’s been fun trying things out. But I do also need time to actually do the things I’ve already tried. It’s tricky…

Oh well. The next thing I’m planning to try is volunteering in a Theatre. Should be fun, fingers crossed.


I have chosen the next new thing to try, which is Jazz dance. I’ll be moving soon, and there are classes for both Jazz dance and Street Jazz nearby.
Want to be like these guys :)


I can think of three new things I have tried this summer, namely programming (with Python), playing the cello and running. I’m very glad I tried all of them. It’s early days, but I’d like to continue with all of them seriously.

I’m not sure what my next thing will be. While I have some free time I’d like to try some kind of dance class – maybe tap. I’d also like to try painting, as I like drawing but haven’t painted in years. Fi

This isn't the time for long term goals. This is a time for exploration.

I’m not ready to commit to one direction in life yet, because I haven’t explored enough of them. All my ambitious, long-term plans seem to end in resistance and procrastination.

This goal is about trying new things, as many of them as possible, as interesting and diverse as I can come up with. They don’t have to be useful, and I don’t have to decide in advance what I’m going to try.

This is exciting!

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