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Do NaNoWriMo

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Do Nanowrimo

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I didn’t think about it much this year. Too many other things to focus on, which I feel good about. But I’m keeping this here because one day….

I started this past year

And stopped after the first line. ;)

So close

Was so close to starting this year. Well, I actually did. One sentence. And it was a good one. But Life got ahold of me and other things needed attention.

Not yet...

...but when my dissertation is finished it’s on, baby. Actually, that’s a great motivator: get my dissertation done by November and then rock the NaNoWriMo. At the same time, I’m sure I’m going to never want to type another word for many months after dissertation is completed. But if that sucker can get done by the end of September…I’ll happier than a puppy with two peeters.

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