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so its really not going that well. i really want to do it but i get bored and when i get bored i eat. and i cant seem to bring myself to go to the gym when i get bored. there is nothing worse than feeling like this. i am sure there are others who feel exactly like me- is there some website that people recommend for people who cant seem to bring themselves to start their diets… its always tomorrow for me!


Today, i started my research- magazines, websites, etc. I am going to be much less strict on myself than I have been in the past. I will aim for 2 pounds a week and I’m going to do it the healthy way.

I bought some magazines and created a chart and a system of points. Every time I exercise or do some sort of activity i get a point. Every time I add to an exercise routine, I get a point-that kind of thing. when I have a certain number of points I can reward myself. To keep track of my progress I bought a small pocket book so I can write down what I eat, the approximate number of calories that I eat and burn…

Hopefully by the time summer arrives, I will feel great to start my new job!

My diet starts first thing tomorrow morning!

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