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Is it considered cheating???

Since I have kids, is it considered cheating that this goal is getting done?
So 2 weeks ago, I watched a Tom and Jerry version of the Nutcracker and then this week I watched Elf (with my class). That’s one of my favorite movies too. It was so unexpected and has such a sweet naivete to it. I love holiday movies really. If one does not like holiday movies, you have no heart, you grinch! :P

November was a bust

I didn’t attempt a challenge this month, just too busy, ended up getting sick as well as my kids and sports starting up with school. SO MUCH! So my new goal in December will be a fun one. Each week I will commit myself to watch a Christmas themed/oriented movie for the month of December, at least one a week. I started early, it was Love, Actually last night and I watch it every year but it’s wonderful.

Let the movies begin!

November 1

Well, my one month challenges have been pretty empty as of late and that’s okay I guess. Work gets in the way but I want to try to get this back going. I like having to keep myself true to something and striving towards something new.

Now my only task…what to do?

August Challenge-Done

So my goal for this past month was to make sure all of my lesson plans were complete and finished every day, every week. You may ask, isn’t that your job as a teacher anyways? Well, yes, but last year, honestly was my worst year ever of teaching. I was uninspired, exhausted and spread way too thin. I just didn’t care. It was the first time in 9 years of teaching that I was counting down the days. I’ve NEVER done that. I was in such a fog after my dad’s passing, my son was having problems socially and academically, I was dealing with my mom’s aftermath of my dad’s death and then trying to do my job the best way? Yeah, no, it didn’t happen. I did my job don’t get me wrong but there were so many days that I just showed up. The kids learned, I taught the standards, they did fine (their test scores show me that) but there wasn’t a lot of love in what I was doing.
This year is different though. I really feel like something has “clicked” in me, this summer was good for refocusing my energy and talents and I’m super excited again about teaching. I love what I do and I’m blessed to be in this career…so…

Mission Accomplished for August- Complete and professional lesson plans (and I will continue, of course!)

Almost an introvert entry

So my goal to smile more has been difficult. One, I’m naturally shy in new situations and things like that, and I’m not outwardly friendly (although I’m trying to be, I’ll introduce myself to people, shake hands, etc.)
Anyhow, I was out enjoying a nice night out with my friend, eating dinner, having a drink, catching up, it was really nice. She and I haven’t seen each other for about a month, so lots of catching up. We’re at a sports bar and there are a lot of different people around. Well, I get up to use the restroom, and a man turns and looks at me (checks me out, wink, wink,) and he was attractive and all and what do I do? I PUT MY HEAD DOWN. It might not seem like a big deal but I can’t even smile at attractive men who look at me (which does NOT happen often so I should’ve ran with it. HA!). What’s wrong with me? I have such a hard time smiling at people that someone gives me a little positive attention and I shirk away from it. I’m sure this screams a LOT of things about me but as usual, I will avoid it :)

Oy. Work in progress.


Man, I’m getting behind on posts (I could NEVER do a real blog.)

I kind of mentioned this in a previous post but I don’t think I smile enough. I’m really trying to make an effort of it. I notice that, of course, 1. People are more pleasant when you smile, 2. You’ll usually get a smile back and 3. It’s a great way to get through an unpleasant situation.
Sometimes things stink or don’t go our way, hell things never seem to go the way we planned BUT smiling, to me, tells my body and brain It’s not okay now, but it will be and it makes me feel better.

So my goal-Smile more!

(This picture is of me and one of my most favorite people in the world on the right, Jenny Lawson, AKA The Bloggess, she’s hilarious, awesome and the coolest chick ever, here’s her website She signed my book and let me take a picture with her. Squeee!)


So on Monday, after a rescheduled tutoring that ended up going over the time by nearly 30 minutes, my boys and I weren’t able to get home and eat lunch because we had to be somewhere else at a certain time so I bought us Taco Bell for lunch. Ug.
Then the other day, after doing some errands, I had a little bit of a gift card left and so I went to Paradise Bakery for myself and ended up paying $2.11.

Overall, my expenses added up to a little under $12 but it was a $12 I should’ve done without :(

About a week and a half, it's a challenge for sure

So I was able to not buy any food for about a week and a half and that was good. But then we went camping and I had to get some supplies for us and another family. Then I ran outta fruits and veggies and then completely ate ALL of the meat in the house. I was pretty happy about that. It was nice to have an empty freezer. My pantry is slimming down too and that’s pretty cool. Being home more is good for us as far as homemade meals so, that I like. I actually like to cook. It’s the cleaning I despise.

Well, I went to the grocery store the other day and picked up about all meat, like fish, chicken, turkey, ground beef, and frozen pizza (there’s meat on that okay?) So that put me back only about $50 or so. I had to get toilet paper, trash bags and dog food so that was a bit, then I’ve gotten a few other things since for us, more fruit and just recently milk, bread and eggs. I made deviled eggs for my party I attended so I’m out again but I’m going to try this week till July 1st at the earliest to not buy anything at all food wise again. Not even eating out. That’s been scaled down too which I’m glad about and we only go out one day a week. For June, I’ve spent almost $150 on food and for us, that’s good to feed 3 mouths. (This is not my fridge btw, pic from the internet. What’s that thing on the bottom left-giant bread, a slab of meat???)

Fun and creative but tough

So I’ve been good about it for over a week and I’ve been using up the cans of food, frozen meats (you should see how empty my freezer is!) and various boxed things. I have a bunch of quinoa, that I love and so just cooked up 4 cups of it and I’ve been eating it everyday. I did break down a little bit today because we only had 2 apples left. I want us to eat better, of course, and so I spent less than $20 on fruits (and a block of cheese) for us. My mom gave me a gallon of milk so that was cool, but this challenge was not only to not waste food but hopefully help to save a few bucks. Here’s a creative list so far that I’ve made due with.

- Black Bean Dip I used a can of black beans, 2 garlic cloves, some cheese cubes I had leftover, an almost moldy 1/3 block of cream cheese, cilantro sprigs, lime juice and salt. I pureed it all, served with some black bean tortilla chips, and I loved it and surprisingly enough, so did my 11 year old.
- Jello Cool Whip Pie (picture) I love these and they’re great for summer time because they’re easy and refreshing, but I always forget about them. Used a tub of cool whip, 2 strawberry yogurts that were going to expire soon and a strawberry jello package, and a graham cracker pie crust. I mixed it all together and put the mix in the crust, then let it sit in the fridge, and it was a great dessert last night. Although it didn’t set all the way last night, it did today and was delicious both days.
- Turkey Burgers Ok there wasn’t anything special or creative really other than one of the buns went moldy and my son had to use lettuce as a bun then when it fell apart he just used a fork and ate it all up then.
- Frozen Strawberries:I froze a lot of them when they were on sale then never used them but this past week, I’ve been putting them in my water for fruit infused water, and then eating them when they defrost!

Had I not been forced to really look through my fridge and cabinets, the pie and dip certainly would have not been made so I’ll keep going more on this to clean out old stuff, expired stuff, etc. but I know this weekend I’ll have to get a bunch of new groceries. We’re going camping and we’ll be out of meat in 2 days. Yes, I could live longer without meat, but my carnivore son would not survive, haha.

Ooof, this has been a while

Okay, I’m trying kind of a week challenge and see how far it goes, maybe a month? I was reading about how people as a whole, throw away SO much food and waste and one writer did a challenge to not buy anymore new groceries until her family finished what was in the fridge and pantry. Now I’m modifying it slightly to that if the boys and I need eggs or milk, I’m buying that BUT this will force me too look at all the cans, the food in the back of the fridge, use all the produce before it goes bad, etc. I started it 2 days ago and so far, so good!

RM has gotten 72 cheers on this goal.


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