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I seem to have a burning desire to interject semicolons whenever the Kitty’s not looking; though the problem is I really have little understanding of when to actually use one.

Do you ever use semicolons in your daily life?
If so in what context; for example, in prose for uni or a love note to your hamster?
This knowledgeable woman here wrote a grammar page which lists 5 rules of thumb of when to use them. How many of these rules did you know of? Can you list any without looking at the page?
I found rule No.4 & 5 particularly appealing. Was there a particular rule listed that you’d gladly take home to bed?
Can you be bothered to read up the rules for colons too?
This grammar woman’s now my favourite guru. Who’s yours; if not the Kitty?


What can be done?

or don’t, and just ignore this question

What's wrong with this mug?

Have a quick look at this mug that recently sold in a German furniture chain store. Can you spot the fatal design flaw?

Link to the relevant article

The 43 Worst Films to see in a Lifetime

1. Animal Olympics
2. Your choice
3. the next person’s

Please limit yourself to one film until we’ve hit 20 or no one has added to this list in a day. Let’s keep the list in order and you can write an explanation as to why you picked that film at the very end.

I chose Animal olympics as I saw it as a kid and couldn’t believe how boring and awful it was. My friend even fell asleep. I never forgot it

Veet & Pistorius

Don’t Risk Dudeness
If you’re a Yank did you get to see the recent Veet advert air before it got pulled? If so what were your thoughts when you watched it?
If you didn’t get to see it air, what are you thoughts regarding the Veet advert that’s been deemed as offensive by many?

Article about the Veet advert

I do wish that Kitty would wax her body fur more often.

Oscar Pistorius
If you’re following the trial, do you think Oscar Pistorius is deliberately putting on a high pitch voice during his trial to try illustrate that he does indeed scream ‘like a woman in a high pitch’ in order to help his case?
He’s trying to claim that the witness neighbours actually heard his screaming after the shooting and not his girlfriend Reeva during an argument

Bonus Q. Do you think Pistorius waxes his private bits?

Fish Face!

When did you last eat fish?
What type was it?
Did you like it?
Did you cook it yourself?
What about seafood?


Do you ever feel like you fail at being “a woman” / “a man”?
If so what makes you feel like that?

SO often I realise how poor I am at the things I’m stereotypically meant to be good at or like. Eg make-up, dressing up, shopping and just now house decorating. I just realised I still have up a photo of my brother and wife at their wedding, when he’s since been divorced from her for 8yrs, has a new partner and baby. Opps. I only put it up in the first place as I thought I should

Do you know your arse from your west elbow?

Tomorrow morning I’m meeting one of my many lovers for a coffee. His instructions for meeting are:

"Meet at 11 right in front of the West door of the Cathedral (the one that's looking where the sun sets)."

Ok, I’m new to this city. The Cathedral is enormous. Since when does a women known their West from their East or North? (ooh, that’s so sexist). It’ll be 11am, yes the morning, so how the hell will I know where the sun’ll set that evening?!

So my Q to you compassly-challenged females is:
Would you know which Cathedral door was facing West? (they certainly aren’t labelled as such)
Would you have noticed where the sun sets already?

Q to you guys:
WOuld you instinctively know which door was ‘West’ in a new city?
Would you give a female friend those instructions for meeting?
Would you give a male friend those instructions for meeting?

Ok, bash me for being so sexist. Had this lover said ‘the cute pink door’ I’d have been fine.

A French Tart!!!

After Jin’s story about pathetically, shamelessly having the hots for his baker’s pair of hot buttery croissants, l’émeu asks an innocent question:

What’s your favourite type of pastry dish, cake or freshly baked delight?
When did you last eat it?
How often do you tend to buy it?
How much does it cost?
Have you ever made it yourself?
Did you know what a hot crumpet is? image above. Have you ever eaten one?
Give me a hot bit of crumpet over a French tart any day

Can you guess...

.. which 43Ter’s popped over for tea at the Emu’s and is having to sleep on that rather stinky mattress right now?

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