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My smart phone's way too smart for me!

ok, picture an emu with her first new smart phone. Oh dear, recipe for disaster, right?

I have two tales here. My ineptness isn’t as bad as my friend’s (or nearly as funny really.)

Sitting at home I test out the mapping device of my phone. Wahey! It finds and locates my position. It works. So later I head out and at Bethnal Green tube station I try using my new phone’s GPS map to locate me and steer me to the library.
The map displays on the screen… but damn.. it says i’m still at home! I can’t work out how to get it to locate me again, from fresh! how annoyingly stupid!

A friend advices me to download Google maps instead. Testing the Google maps at home on my phone it manages to find and locate my position! Great promising stuff. So I head out to Old St tube to try frie nd my old friend Steph for her birthday party at a bar. My new phone comes out, I open Google maps and… no Bingo! Again, the map on the display says that i’m at home again and I can’t get it to relocate my position again! Again! damn bloody phone.

So, I have to resort to the old fashioned method of finding the bar: getting lost.

Eventually I arrive and show my new ‘smart’ phone to my friend V and explain my total ineptness, and being too stupid for my smart phone.

She laughed and said she’d just had a terrible mishap with her new ‘smart’ phone. She showed me her mobile and explained how she’d had a problem with sending out the invites via text message on this new phone which was obviously way too smart for her…

I can empathise with her totally. She linked her hotmail account with her mobile. She’s had that email account for about 13 yrs, and all the really old email addresses were automatically downloaded to her contact list on her mobile. Anyway, so she was trying to send out invites to her party in the form of a text message. Tutting away, having to scroll on the touch screen through the long list of really old email addresses, scrolling away with her finger to find her friend’s phone numbers hidden among them, she was totally unaware that when touching the screen to scroll through the lengthy list, she was in fact selecting these addresses at random. yes. sending out invites to her birthday bash to randoms without any censorship!

One random student of hers from a couple of years back actually did turn up at the pub. V was so surprised to see him that she said: “Hey! What are you doing here? How funny.”
The poor guy had to explain that he’d been invited! V said it would look really inappropriate that she’d invited just this one student to her party! ha ha.

So give two middle-aged women a new smart phone and see what happens!

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