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April Bootcamp 2012: Spring into action, nurturing myself while growing stronger, wiser, and aware of my goals and who I want to be.

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April was a bit rough, but in the long run worked out well. I had a mood dip/anxiety flare mid-month but seem to have climbed out of the quicksand before sinking very far.

I got quite a bit done (including lots of walking, extra pampering, noticeable decluttering and the dreaded taxes) , busted some goals, reinstated a yoga practice, slept better, had a few decent adventures both external an internal, and went out on a high note with everyone healthy and happy.

I’m a little older (just a little) and a little wiser. I’m also relieved to leave this month behind and jump into a fresh one – sort of like slipping into clean bootcamp socks.

May Bootcamp is about simplicity, which is extremely appealing right now. I’m in.


Life has been a bit on the overwhelming side lately, and I’ve been having a tough time getting out of the gate with this, though it’s certainly been skirting my mind. I’d like to set some intentions, regardless of whether they’re redundant and obvious, sometimes I need a reminder of the obvious.

Ideally I want to have a balanced juggle going, but lately I’ve had too many curve balls thrown in my direction: family illness, bouts of insomnia, projects due, daily mess to battle, clutter to clobber… my mood has snuck up on me with a dark, anxious chisel that I’ve been attempting to thwart. The tax man has also been lurking around tossing banana peels at my heels, so just getting my footing has been a bit rough.

A rough sketch of April bootcampy focus…

Nurturing myself
  • Keep up on my evening bath, bubbles, and book ritual
  • Put less on my plate, focus on cleaning the lighter plate
  • Sleep, recharge
Grow stronger
  • Walk daily
  • Pay attention to my health
  • Reinstate daily yoga & exercise
Grow wiser
  • Learn new things, big and small
  • Self reflection, meditation
  • Stop. Be still. Listen.
Goal awareness
  • Catch up on goal entries
  • Touch on some dusty goals
  • Daily bonsai steps forward
Who I want to be
  • Happy, healthy, relaxed
  • A great mother, partner, friend (to myself too)
  • Present, mindful

Mainly I want to drop the doggy paddle… breathe and reconnect with a smooth flow.

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