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dye my hair red.

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Bloody, ruddy, rubies

It was time for a refresher. Sunday was a gray, rainy, windy day – perfect for girlchats, laughter, ginger pear tea, warm dryers, and all the red my head could handle. She double-whammied it with rubine after re-rooting, and gave it a trim for good measure. Bellissimo!


I happily snagged one of the first appointments my delightful friend was taking after a hiatus. I had anticipated being faded out and feeling a bit less festive for the season (then when I felt so bad Saturday I thought I’d have to skip going) – but Sunday was refreshment day; full of colour, girltalk, and some delicious licorice-mint tea. Joy!

I feel bright, bright, bright in the cold, frosty light!

Ready for Autumn, beating the leaves

Between this resplendent ruby red (extra love this time), lots of laughter, and hot apple tea, I’m feeling ready to fall into fall headfirst.

Hair crime warrant issued

Rectifying the situation and celebrating autumn color with an afternoon appointment for re-reddification. Just the thing on a soggy, gray day when I’m feeling decidedly faded.

Fresh red > faded head

Yesterday I managed to squeeze in both a music festival and a visit with my hairdresser friend – both left me feeling warm and refreshed. I won’t wait so long in-between appointments in the future. It was definitely what I needed after countless hectic weeks frazzled and trapped inside various cardboard boxes.

(Isak thought it looked pretty and wanted to take a photo, so credit to him for the shot.)

Setting fire to the stormy eye

In the midst of all the current craziness, it was wonderful to stop on Sunday afternoon and submerge myself in pampering and laughter and come out the other side with fresh colour. Much needed. It made the yesterday’s windstorm a lot more fun too.

February flambé

The colour from my previous visit held remarkably well, but it was time for some root refreshment and a trim (as well as catching up with one of my favorite lady friends), so after making a quick and easy appointment for Sunday afternoon, back to the Bombshellter I went.

Funny that you get twice the time for half the price of a decent therapist, plus fabulously fiery locks, aromatherapy, a relaxing scalp massage and cups of some sort of wonderful spicy vanilla tea. I think I like the colour (which she tweaked a bit) even better than last time.

It feels great to be spending more time with an inspiring and illustrious friend as well as supporting her business. Both my heart and hair feel considerably brighter.

The great switch-a-Ru

For numerous reasons I‘ve made the leap to a new hairdresser friend. She’s 10X closer, very reasonable, has her own snazzy little home salon set up – plus I haven’t hung out with her in a ridiculously long time and have missed her terribly. I wrote her Thursday, heard back within the hour, and got a great weekend appointment. I was a little nervous about the transition, but excited – she’s done some lovely work on other peoples noggins.

Last night I spent hours and hours with her, being pampered, colored, trimmed (yes, I braved scissors too), drinking herbal tea, catching up on years of lost time, talking about old days and old friends/relationships, new dreams, how much our lives have changed… it was fantastic. I walked in there feeling faded, bedraggled and blah and came out feeling vibrant, invigorated and infinitely better, inside and out. I feel like I just broke out of a sepia balloon. Funny what a little colour and a good friend can do.

So much joy in this reconnection, she’s such an amazing woman. And she did a killer job on my hair—great non-ammonia product and some wildfire to kick it up a notch.

Red by the lavender

This made my day… the whole experience, catching up with my friends there, making future plans (like a girls night clothing swap!), getting a fresh color and super conditioning treatment while sipping pear tea on the sunshiny balcony with the beach in the distance… then a lunch of Thai curried chicken ginger soup and a sandwich with surprising apples inside… a fantastic way to spend the afternoon. I left several books behind and went for a walk on the beach afterward. Heavenly.

Bad hair haiku

Hairy scary shades
Color fades slow as June snakes
Unlike still cherries

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