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save up $5,000


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1 year...

In 1 year I’m hardly any better. I was wrong about having almost $4k. I had almost $3k. I now have $3700 between CDs and savings. :(

I suppose I have $5K if you count my checking, but that won’t hold. April last year (2 months from now) I had $2500. So that means I’ve only added $1200 more? Ug.

I have a horse for sale that needs to get sold. I will put $1,000 of her sale into another CD or the holiday account.


I think I’m at about $4000 so far. After I get my tax return next week and open the other $1,000 cd, I’ll hopefully have made my goal! Of course, only to change the goal to $10,000. Ug. lol


Christmas and whatnot, I had to pause my $110 contribution. It’s set to pay 12-22, but I may have to stop it until after Christmas. Ouch. So I’m just over $3,000 in savings/certificates. Boy it seems super hard to get from that $3,000 mark to $5,000.

Tight and tighter

I did bump my contribution to $110 per pay period. Life is SUPER tight financially right now, but I’m determined not to touch it. I’m at $910 in that account. Goal is $1500 so I can open another CD. That would be 6 pay periods or 3 months. Geeze it seems it grows so slow. Ug.

up down, up down

I bought a bunch of hay. And I had a camping trip. I withdrew funds. I have a little over $2000 in certificates and a little over $800 in my out of the way account. I am contributing $100 bi-weekly to that account and it definately adds up faster that way. I would like to try to bump that up…. will see if I can manage it.

And back down

I bought another horse and needed some cash. I also had to take some for Norm’s weight set. I’m currently at $3200ish. Bummer. Will get back up there!

I have $1200 in my out of the way account which can’t slip below $1000. I want to get over $2000 in there so that I can open another CD.


Almost there. Keep plugging away.


Seems like the money was just piling on for a while. Now it’s barely crawling upwards. :( I suppose I should contribute a bit of what I earn for giving lessons. I’ll have 2 paying clients tonight. Tomorrow I’ll try to send some to my other account. I do often put a portion of lesson money into my savings at my primary bank, but often end up having to pull from that for regular living expenses. $60 per pay period is significantly less than $100. I need to figure life out and stop spending so I can save.


That includes the certificate and the “out of the way” account. Does not include the IRA which is almost at $500.

Over $3,000

Actually I think it’s closer to $3300. But who’s counting?

What happens when I hit $5,000? My new goal becomes $10,000


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