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stop letting my anger get the best of me

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one person can be the change


this is a hard one for me. Im a leo… by nature I can be unpredicatble. It means at times i can be the freidn that stands up for you.. . but at most often tiems i come accross as the friend that you have to please( which is certainly not what i want in my friends).
Regardless when it coems to down to my anger or frustration or other emotions i let them take me to places where i just dont care. Be it friendships that seem to be fairweather, dissapoit. I just submit. ” Ok he belongs with me.. but whatever they’ll break up eventually .. maybe?” ” whatever i’ll let her do well she a docuhe anyways”
while it can be lonely at times, its really just self preserving. and it has to stop. Life isn’t all the person wont always win the races. only if you let them…

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