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Stop resisting change

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Its just so easy to place faith in what you know
like how can I move on from something honestly when I DON”T have any future plans.

HONESTY is key i guess.


Everythings changing and I cant be sure, but maybe the old way is just what I prefer.

At least when it comes to my relationship with the’s hard to feel like I’m dissapointing them when I don’t take work with them because I DO love them so much ( duh I wouldnt be so happy to hear from them if I wasn’t!), or even to reject the work- when it might be a greater possibility than I actually imagine it to be .. but too much has happened for me to pretend. Or to place my hopes into something that isnt going to be what I want it to be..


My inability to accept change and forgiveness have been my two biggest struggles this year


Letting go of the past is pretty tough thats for sure, but sometimes you just have to see how it shapes your goals or perception of yourself, and then move on.


if it changes you let it

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