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I started doing pushups the other day and then stopped again. If I intend to start rock climbing again this would probably be a good thing to stick with.

One step at a time...

Well, Suzi and I started walking today. We brought water and wandered the streets for about an hour, pausing to look at spider webs and butterflies and sit on a random bench swing in someone’s front yard before bolting when their garage door started to open.

We tell ourselves that we’ll do it twice a week and move up to four times a week and who knows what after that but with our track record I have my doubts. We’ve probably made plans to work out together on a regular basis more than a dozen times before now and each time we’ve petered out before getting around to doing whatever we had originally intended for the third time.

So this is once. I’ll keep my hopes up for a lasting thing but I ain’t holding my breath when we’re both such flakes in the exercise department.

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