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next month! Yeah, baby!

New car

The 1997 Honda CR-V broke down for the last time…radiator. So…in with the new – a 2013 Honda CR-V. Rides like a dream. Quite fond of the color – twilight blue!

Going home

is always an incredible feeling.

A deep tissue

full body massage yesterday! Incredible! ...but I’m feeling it today… Ouch!

Pretty cool

to see them. Amazing, though – 2-3 hours of filming of one scene.

Right up close

to the actors on a episode shoot of Inspector Lewis in Oxford.
Great fun!!!

Free Iced coffees

from the local bookshop when it’s hot. Definitely puts a smile on my face. :)

Had my back

waxed. Yes, I did. :)
I don’t mind hair anywhere else on my body, but have never liked seeing hair on my back. So, I have to get rid of it. Makes me feel good to see it gone!

So, I’m not quite your typical metro-sexual. LOL

Unconditional love

from friends.
Absolutely priceless.
And I am truly grateful!


booking flights to the UK for July. And this’ll be fun – my folks are going! Neither one has been to that side of the pond. Mom has never been outside the U.S., with the exception of Puerto Rico, and Dad’s last trip abroad was Vietnam. haha And they’re such country bumpkins! It’ll be such fun! Thinking of seeing Pemberley for Mom, Doncaster for Dad (an aviation museum), and York and Sheffield together.

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