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be happier

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Part of doing this

is about eliminating anger and I have a lot of anger in me.

Today I tried to do what I always do – make humor to make an unpleasant situation better than miserable. And for the first time in in nearly 15 years I could not do it.

When an environment has more power over me than I can control, that worries me. But it’s just telling me that the source of this control and this anger is a cancer. And I just can’t live with this cancer any longer.

Tomorrow…I will begin to eliminate this cancer from my life.

This cannot happen

unless I make it happen and if I allow days like today to dictate how I live my life, then I am a fool.

Enough is enough. Taking charge!

I am!

I’ve dreaded this time of year for the last half dozen years. But this year, I’m definitely happier and I’m happier about my life. It’s not perfect by a long shot, but the sun is shining and I am happy.

It's a choice

and I am choosing to be happier. No one can make me happy. I can.



I wish I could be.

Getting there

Very simple concept—think of all the postives, deal with the negatives that can be changed, and ignore the negatives that can’t be changed. Easily said, but it’s a problem I battle with daily.


You know, this might really come to fruition if I could at least accomplish a few goals still on my list. Come on already!


This is difficult because everyday is different and each day presents new challenges. But it is the major challenges that really bring me down and it’s tough to get back up after dealling with those major obstacles.

~to the water~ has gotten 25 cheers on this goal.


I want to:
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