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Scan and upload old pictures

5 cheers


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Found this one recently

that was taken in 1987. A bit blurry but I can see my abs were then as I want them now. But I’m working hard and they are not too too far from that.

I don't sail

but I really enjoy images of sailboats in harbor.

I know it's not

a spectacular pic, but I just like it.


I was practicing

with my zoom lens… ;)
Stavanger, Norway.

One of my

favorite day trips – Symi, Greece. Loved it there!


basic training. What a puppy!

One of my

favs from Greece – a man in his thoughts…



ha ha!

Can we say eighties! :)

I have a new scanner

so I’d like to do more collections. I think Panama is a quick an easy one for me to do. I didn’t take a lot of pictures there so it won’t take too much time.

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