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Stephen Frick in Beaukiss is doing 34 things including…

make a smaller ecological footprint

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Telecommute saves time and reduces my footprint

I was traveling 100 miles a day to get to work, now I try to telecommute at least one day a week which has greatly reduced my ecological footprint. Also as a family we’ve begun to recycle a lot more and started composting a majority of our kitchen scraps. I would say this goal is a very broad goal, but I’ve accomplished making a smaller ecological footprint a viewpoint I use to filter my decisions. When I shop for food, I look at the package to determine if I can recycle or reuses, or will it be tossed.
Is it worth the goal, yes.

Prince Charles needs to re-think his trip to New York!

Prince Charles is trying to get green, but seems to have back pedaled in the process. Instead of flying in a small corporate jet, he’s booked an entire air liner, and only used 22 of 62 seats. Rather than filling the plane and making the flight more environmentally economical per person, he’s blown it with empty space. The fact is it takes almost the same amount of fuel to fly an empty aircraft as a filled aircraft (this is why most airlines try to over book). My suggestion to Charles on his next trip to the new world, use the royal sail boat!

Need Improvement....


Growing a garden is a must, we’ve been composting and have some nice soil. Now we need to plant a garden where we use only heritage style plants and continue to compost. This will also cut down on packaging, and we would reduce the amount of meat we eat to only a few times a week. We’ve also been recycling our packages, trying to find new uses for the things which can’t be recycled. I would like to eventually not have a trash service take our trash to the landfill.

I work 35 Miles from where I work. I’m trying to telecommute, but due to the fact I live in a rural area Broadband Internet is not available, and dial up is way too slow. I would move closer, but homeowners associations usually impose we live with more sq feet (Larger home). I choose to live in a rural area where I can raise my own food and family. I would like to buy a more fuel efficient car, but I’m waiting for the plug-in hybrids to come down in price (I don’t believe in buying new cars).

Currently our family of 6 lives in 800 sq feet, We need to learn how to live with less space. Currently we have a washing machine and dryer, we should really think about selling those items and washing our clothes by hand and drying them on lines.

Currently we only buy reused clothing and goods. Thrift Stores, Used book stores, and Freecycle. Buying reused goods keep them from going to landfills. We try to only buy cottons and natural fibers. After clothing is well worn, my wife makes scrap quilts and projects from the fabric. Some of the other uses of cotton are for making paper or even composting. Services we require are far and few, since we are rural we have our own aerobiotic Septic system, and pump our own water (uses electricity). Eventually I would like to produce my own electric from renewable resources (Solar and Wind Power). Another thing is using Candles rather or oil lamps rather than electric. Making Candles from vegetable waxes provides another way to reduce our overall footprint.

Other things we could do as a family:
  1. Baby wears cloth diapers
  2. Cook more meals from scratch
  3. Build an outdoor kitchen for summertime
  4. When or If we build a home, make it very energy efficient and optimize the design on sustainability rather than esthetics (ugly homes are ok).
  5. Make our own paper (since we home school our children it seems that we go thru a lot of paper).
  6. Make our own soap
  7. Use Candles rather than light bulbs
  8. Car Pool
  9. Telecommute

Plant trees for each appliance in your house

I got this Idea from Dell, which is now selling trees with the computers. If you use a laptop for 3 years, the C02 produced to provide the energy for that one appliance is equal to x, and a single tree consumes y C02 in three years. So, plant enough trees greater than or equal to the amount that is produced by the energy usage. I like the Idea, plus I would like to have more trees at my home, so it’s a great incentive.

Reduce Driving or Share Ride

Currently I drive about 70 Miles a day, to work and home. It’s way too much, but due to where I live I have to drive that far. I spend about $40 bucks a week making the trip plus car ware and tear, to work and back home, and I really want to make it more cost effective. I’ve recently put adds on Craigslist to form a carpool in which I could drive and share my car with 3 other people, but it just isn’t the in thing in rural Texas. Another problem I have is that my work is very flexible, and sometimes I wind up working until 8 or 9 in the evening. I could telecommute, but I don’t have broadband at my home, and it doesn’t look like anyone wants to bring it to me either (live in rural Texas). This Is a current challenge and it will help me to reduce my ecological footprint by almost half.

Build a Compost Bin

I’ve decided to save myself $399 Bucks and build my own composting bin. I’ve got the general idea of how the build it with some recycled parts and a few parts from Home Depot. Essentially it’s bin where you put your clippings and organic waste, and turn it daily, adding proper amounts of air and water and in about 2 weeks you have good mulched soil. Then I can actually finish my garden. I’m thinking the entire cost will be less than $50, but we will see. My objective is to do this project over the next weekend, I’ll take pictures and blog the directions.

Compost More

As I was looking at the trash we produced over the last week, I determined that at least 10% was organic material which could be composted. I live on a 2 acre lot, and I need to compost all my leaves and grass clippings, so household organic material could also be composted. My goal in the next few weeks is either to build or buy a barrel composter. It seems that these work much better than the Pit, which I currently use.

Recycle More

Our community doesn’t support recycling, so I drop off cans, plastic bottles, glass and paper as I go to work in a different community. All our bio-waste (peels, vegetable, food waste) we compost. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s something. It helps in my garbage bill which is now about $35 dollars a month (the only thing we currently don’t recycle is paper diapers). I want to try to find someone who takes plastic other than the clear bottles, I know that the stores usually recycle the plastic sacks, and the recycling center takes clear bottles, but who takes all the rest of the plastic, can you even recycle it? One thing that really bothers me is all the stuff other people toss, things like furniture and appliances – I recommend everyone try, furniture and appliances can be fixed.

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