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$110!!!! =]


i finally have my savings account up to $100 again!!!!!!!
now if only i could keep it above $100 i wont have a problem!


i opened a savings account on friday. i put 50 dollars in, which i plan to do every week. ill put more in if i have it. also im going to work on payong off my credit cards. i have 5 paydays in october, so that extra paycheck, will go straight to the credit companies. =]


the whole making cigs thing is going well. Havent really gotten annoyed with it yet.
it feels really good to have that extra money not being spent. =]


Last night mike and i bought the things to make our own cigs. it comes out to be much cheaper!
one step at a time!
hes really into it too. we got a change jar started, and we already have about 30 dollars in it!!
were being really generous about it too. putting paper money in the change jar and such. i think we can do this if we really put our minds to it!

i need to get out!

ill try and do this without typing my life story..
i need to find somewhere else to live. and in order to do so, i need to save money. i only make 8 dollars an hour, and its hard to save with the bills i have. excuses excuses blah blah blah. well heres how im going to do it:
whatever i have in my bank account when i get paid, (money from the previous week) will go into a savings account. i want to move out before next summer.

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