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be more of a producer than a consumer or critic of art by producing music, visual art and written works.

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Turning this around

I love to play music these days. If I didn’t have other responsibilities I could do it all day long. I have a little problem of my middle and ring fingertips getting numb on left hand from all of the guitar playing.

I Went from Prolific to Apathetic

About eleven years ago, my third child refocused my career away from art and toward engineering. I was always kind of guy that needed a class to produce work, mainly due to bugetary and space constraints, and I haven’t had an art class since Sping 96. Although the kids are partially to blame, I think the most significant factor is the television addiction. If I could just put down that stupid remote, my mind would be less mired in the mundane and prurient and would naturally return to the sublime.

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