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Lost Wayfarer in Marion is doing 40 things including…

write music

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March 24, 2012

An awesome thing happened. I went into my library and got my computer music keyboard (the one that allows you to learn how to play the keyboard on your computer. You hook up the keyboard to your computer and you follow the program. Well, I dug out the box from behind a window fan to check it out. It is called MusicStar, and it only for playing on the computer. I was hoping that I could be able to play it without the computer part. Well, when I opened it up, I found another regular keyboard with it. I had forgotten that I had gotten a regular little keyboard to practice on so I didn’t have to be at my computer all the time. It is a Yamaha PSS-100.

So, my problem is solved! I do have a keyboard to work it. Yay! I guess with moving 5 or 6 years ago, I totally forgotten what was in the box, since I just packed the box (the original box that MusicStar Keyboard was in) and moved it with me.

I got so excited that I tried playing a little bit. I played Marry had a Little Lamb badly as I was forgetting where the keys were, but in time, I will do better.

I am still learning and relearning the first lesson regarding the Keyboard and Treble Clef. I will keep going over it again and again until I know it by heart.

I seeing the creativity more and more, now I need a keyboard to practice!

March 23, 2012

I have been still going over my first Music Theory lesson regarding learning the Staff and the Clef. I think I will continue going over that for a week or two under it is settled well in my head, as well as working on the definitions of Harmony, Chord, Rhythm and Melody and remembering them.

I am seriously thinking about buying an affordable keyboard to be able to keep working on learning on what I was taught in my first lesson in Music Theory. I know that at Christmas time, they had little keyboards for sale only for $20.00, but of course, that was Christmas time. I had looked at them then. I really wish I would have bought myself on for the heck of it.

I know that I still have a computer music keyboard, that I bought used a couple years ago with the idea of learning how to play the keyboard on my computer. I don’t know if it would work on the new versions of Windows but it is worth a try and see. I know that I tried downloading it in the past. The tricky issue is to see if I haven’t lost the discs that when with the keyboard. I will look into that this weekend.

What fun I had last night!

March 22, 2012

I found this lovely website,, which has lessons in Music theory. I printed out the first and second chapter. The first chapter is Pathways to Harmony, Chapter 1. The Keyboard and Treble Clef. It has little exercises in the back of very little lesson in the chapter. I love it!

I learned so much in 15 minutes then I learned in years. It is true. I need to know the background of music theory to understand how to write music. I was so surprised that I learned the notes on the staff so quickly. I think it is because some of it was from what I had learned when I was in high school and just forgotten, because I wasn’t using it.

I really had fun with it. I had to name the notes on the staff to the song London Bridge, as well as I had to take a little test called write a familiar song. It was Jingle Bells. They told me the notes and if they were quarter notes of half notes. I didn’t write them in, as I am still learning the meaning of quarter notes and half notes. But I knew where on the staff they went! I knew where the C note went as well as the G note. That is really a big step for me.

I am planning on getting a small cheap keyboard, in order to work learning the notes on a keyboard, as it is shown at the beginning of the lesson. A lot of that I remembered from being in school.

You can’t imagine how excited I was about learning this stuff. It is starting to make sense to me! Now, only if I could apply what I am learning to playing my guitar, I might be able to write my own song on my guitar someday.

I am so very positive that this goal is moving forward nicely! I am taking it slowly and going over what I learned the day before, in order to cement it in my head well.

I am learning Music Theory as well. . .slowly.

March 21, 2012

I found a music theory lesson online, and I have been learning that a bit before I move toward reading the next chapter of my Music Composition book.

I am moving forward with this goal.

Learning, learning, learning!

March 20, 2012

I read the first chapter first chapter in the The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Music Composition. It was a little of a hard read for me because as I was reading, I realized, as it said in the chapter, that I would need a good understanding of music theory, which I do not have. So I am going to try and get a book (if I can afford it, as well as learn as much as I am able online.

I realize I was struggling because I didn’t know the exact definition of harmony, chord, rhythm, and melody as I was reading the chapter, so I realized that I need to really do some homework to better understand what I was reading.

I wish this was a little bit easier on me (in the pocketbook) since I will have to get a book to really help me along. But I will do my best using what information I can learn online until I can afford getting a book.

Trying to start a routine on learning this subject.

March 19, 2012

I found my Music Composition book and I will start reading that nightly. I want to start a routine reading that and working on my guitar work for a half an hour a day.

I found my Music Composition book!

March 12, 2010

I found it this morning, when I was looking for something else. I really thought it was in the guest room filed away in one of the 8 sweater tubs or possibly even wedged in the closet (as I didn’t see it when I was putting stuff in there on Sunday, March 7th.

I have my weekend is already full with projects and ideas, but I am sure I can squeeze my learning of music in there.

Now that the living is open to study in after 9:00 pm (since my beloved’s son has his own room now) I can sit at my desk and really start my own learning schedule/course as I proposed back in January (I think it was)

I think I am ready to move forward with my learning now!


I haven't been working on this. . .

February 8, 2010

I haven’t found my Music Composition book either. I want to start this but, this month is just starting off badly.

I will try to do something on February 11, 2010, if I feel motivated to do it.

I have neglected this goal for so long

February 3, 2010

I need to find my Music composition book that I bought so long ago. I went online and found a simple lesson that I could read and learn from. It has small exercises that I must do. I was really excited last night about starting this again, but I honestly did nothing to achieve my first step toward this goal other then print some information out regarding learning how to write music.

I will be setting this goal with my other goals on a self teaching course to myself.

I am a really complete idiot!

I started to read the first chapter of the book and I am still on it because it seems to hard for me to follow. Now I know that I am a complete idiot when I can’t even follow the first chapter.

I guess I will just have to read and re-read it until I understand it.

Oh brother. . .

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