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SallyDavis is doing 30 things including…

lose weight

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Day 199

Haven’t written in a month.
Mentally I have been a mess, and weight loss has just seemed too hard…. But I have still lost a little.
The good habits i have developed in the first 5 1/2 months of “dieting” have got me through the last month of no motivation.

My lowest weight was 70kg, but I’ve put a bit back on… So yesterday I started calorie counting again, to remind me about portion sizes, and that I don’t need a third beer!

I want to say something motivational to everyone else who is working at this at the moment, but I feel so flat…. Just know that any progress is good.

The Numbers

SW : 100kg(220lbs)
CW : 70.8kg (155.8 lbs)
GW : 65kg (143 lbs)

Weight lost so far
29.2kg (64.2 lbs)

Day 164

The last week has been killer!!!

I have stayed between 1300 – 1400 calories everyday, the last 5 days have been alcohol and cheese free (my 2 biggest weaknesses), I have slept 7.5hrs a night, stretched every day.

Best of all the little stress patch seems to be over, and I feel happy and motivated!

All of this shows on the scale…. wait for it…73.2kg (161lbs).
That is a loss of 4.2kg (9.2lbs). This is what the first few weeks were like, when it all seemed so easy and the weight was just falling off.

I know its the alcohol and cheese mainly, and I know that i can’t go without them for ever, but will do another full on week then ease up a bit. I have lots of social commitments in March, so I don’t expect any weight loss then – but will maintain what I have lost!

My BMI is now 28.6!!
The Numbers

SW : 100kg (220lbs)
CW : 73.2kg (161lbs)
GW : 65kg (143lbs)

Weight lost so far
26.8kg (53lbs)

Day 158

The last couple of weeks have been full of stress and I haven’t really made any new effort with this.
But I have stuck with everything that I have learnt about myself so far… Ive lost another .2kg which isn’t significant but does make me realise that I know how to maintain my weight.

Also I feel so skinny compared to where I was 5 months ago that I don’t really care if I am stuck at this weight for a while…
The Numbers

SW : 100kg (220lbs)
CW : 77.4kg (170.2lbs)
GW : 65kg (143lbs)

Day 146

Well the 2.5kg that I gained have gone again… and another .9kg aswell.
So when I started this weight loss journey my BMI was 41.64. That is considered morbidly obese…
Now it is 32.3 which is still considered obese…. but obviously not as bad as the first number.
So its only 5.6kg (12.3lbs) until my BMI is under 30 and puts me in the overweight range… who knew I would be excited to be overweight!

The Numbers

SW : 100kg (220lbs)
CW : 77.6kg (170.7lbs)
GW : 65kg (143lbs)

Weight lost so far
22.4kg (49.3lbs)

I said..

..that if I put on weight I wouldn’t be unhappy…. but I did and I am!
Maybe its because I didnt really enjoy christmas dinner – I don’t think it was the food really, just the stress and the alcohol!
So when I weighed in yesterday morning I was 2.5kg (5.5lbs) heavier… but I was back to being good yesterday and this morning I was already .5kg lighter…
So I will just do a proper weigh in next week and go from there.

About to go grocery shopping, and feeling motivated to cook… so yummy food for this week!

hope everyone is doing ok

Day 130

Only lost .2kg.

It seems that I only really have enough time to concentrate on food or exercise… the last couple of weeks Ive been trying really hard to get my stretching sorted out… so the food thing had gone down hill a bit. Im keeping within my calories, just I am eating a lot more fat.
If I don’t make my dinner for work I just eat a packet of chips… same amount of calories (300), just there is no nutritional value in a packet of chips just lots of salt and fat!

Well I guess at least I know how to maintain my weight!

So its nearly Christmas and these are my goals.
Do not over eat… I can eat what ever I want to, just not so much that I feel sick!
For every alcoholic drink I must have a glass of water.
Still do my stretches everyday.

Also, If I gain weight I am happy with that… well not happy, but ok.

SW : 100kg (220lbs)
CW : 78.5kg (172.7lbs)
GW : 65kg (143lbs)

Stayed the same

Ive had a headache for the last week…
I have no idea what Ive eaten at all. I haven’t counted any calories, I haven’t written anything down.

Im pretty certain that Ive been sticking to the calorie controlled meals that Id already worked out. Ive been sleeping more and I ate at least two packets of chips over the last week.

So no weight loss this week… which on one hand is a bit disappointing – but honestly Ive put no effort into it, so I can honestly be disappointed… on the plus side no gain.

I also managed to keep up my half arsed stretching!

SW : 100kg (220lbs)
CW : 78.7kg (173.1lbs)
GW : 65kg (143lbs)

Day 122

I re-started calorie counting yesterday… Well I never really stopped, just had been a little slack and let my calories go back up to 1800 a day. (After a five day sickness induced binge!) Considering Im not really exercising that is too much.
So yesterday I was back to 1350 and it showed on the scale. Im 1kg under my pre illness weight.

So Im pretty sure I can get to my goal weight just through eating sensibly. Which brings me to a question about exercise, and about why I want to lose weight.

Because being healthy is a combination of being physically fit and eating good quality food.
Being skinny is just about a certain look…

Im not sure what it is that I want – the sensible me says of course its just about being healthy…. but if it is, why haven’t I got my arse into gear to exercise?

Anyway here are the numbers
SW : 100kg (220lbs)
CW : 78.7kg (173.1lbs)
GW : 65kg (143lbs)

Weight loss so far
21.3kg (46.8lbs)

Day 117

The last two weeks of my life have been awful and exhausting.
I was sick for a week with a cold and hay-fever… I also worked 60hrs that week.
But it lead to a major epiphany about my weight gain over the years. While i understood that I put on 20kg from my motorbike accident – that doesn’t account for the other 25kg that I gained over four years.

I could never really work it out – I would stay the same weight for a year and then bang one day I would be 5-8kg heavier and I couldn’t understand why. Then I would stay at my new weight for another year or so and it would happen again.

Now I know what is going on. When Im sick I crave sugar (which I normally have no interest in) plus because I am sick I have no motivation to prepare healthy food.

The 5 days I was really sick I ate 15000 calories (including 4 packets of chocolate biscuits!) I normally eat about 6000 calories in 5 days – So more than double what I needed. I dread to think about the fat involved!

So not surprising to step on the scale last Friday and see that I had gained 5kg. I am so glad that I decided to weigh myself, because I was still feeling like shite and would of continued to stuff myself full of sugar.

I think back to all the times I “mysteriously” gained weight… and it was just after having the flu or being ill for whatever reason. Obviously I stuffed myself with sugar and didn’t really think about it because I was sick!

I have lost 3 of the 5kg that I gained… but I feel really good that I have learnt something about myself. That I now have a decision to make…. When I get sick do I just go with the flow and eat whatever I am craving, but then make the effort when I am better to lose the weight OR do I restrict myself when Im sick and not gain the weight in the first place.

While I think the second choice is the best I think that the first is the one I will go with. I just wish I had of realised this years ago and I wouldn’t have so much weight to lose now!

The Numbers

SW : 100kg (220lbs)
CW : 81.4kg (179lbs)
GW : 65kg (143lbs)

Day 97

This month has been great, Ive lost another 2.7kg (5.9lbs) for a total of 7kg (15.4lbs).

Im finding the eating thing really easy… I think it helps that I never really ate junk food to start with, just ate too much everyday for 5 years (a motorbike accident and subsequent recovery added 25kg).

Im feeling very confident about the stretching now – this stuff is just as much mental as it is physical. Once a month of stretching is done… cardio and weights here I come!!!

There is a down and frustrating side to this.. My clothes! I bought new work clothes in August and they are now falling off me. I started out as a dress size 22/24 Im guessing that Im now about 14… all my clothes are 16/18.

It silly but I actually think I look worse… no thats not right… I look much better and feel much better, except when I get dressed for work. My fat clothes make me feel fat!

I don’t want to spend money on pants that might only fit for 2 months (I have financial goals and its such a waste!), but I think I will have to.
I feel so silly for bitching about my weight loss when I have found it quiet easy so far and I know that others struggle.


SW : 100kg (220lbs)
CW : 79.7kg (175.3lbs)
GW : 65kg (143lbs)

Weight loss so far
20.3kg (44.7lbs)

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