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Visit 12 parks/cultural institutions in 2012

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12) Pacific Crest Trail

Sort of a long winding park that goes from Mexico to Canada up the spine of California. We only did about 2 miles.

11) The Alamo - September 2012

Interesting. But they wouldn’t let me take pix inside. Sigh.

10) The Getty Center

Where we took a drawing class. October 21, 2012.

9) Cole Porter Birthplace

Couldn’t get inside, but we haunted the front porch.

8) Acton 4th of July Parade

Celebrating it’s 50th year, I think it’s okay to call this an institution. This is the small SoCal town my husband and I moved to 12 1/2 years ago.

The Blum Ranch has been a family business here since the late 1800s. We can see the peach orchards across the valley from our house. Local heroes in my book.

Great day. Lots and lots of pix. A few more on my blog Any Given Sundry

7) Sequoia National Forest

Just got into the park a little way after we went white water rafting. Drove maybe ten miles up the Kern River Valley. Want to explore this side more.

6) Arroyo Seco Golf Course Trail

Walked the dogs with my friends here after going to a reading in the city and spending the night at their house. Great beginning to the day. The photo is of street art on the base of a tunnel that passes under the 110 freeway at the entrance to the trail that passes by the golf course.

Never mind the water politics involved in putting a water-sucking golf course in a place called, in Spanish, Dry Canyon.

5) Paramount Ranch / Topanga Banjo-Fiddle Contest & Folk Music Festival - 5/20/2012

Went to a great music festival at Paramount Ranch,

4) Vasquez Rocks County Park

Terrific two hour hike with my husband. This is on the other side of the park from the famous rocks where Captain Kirk fought a really sluggish gator-foe.

3) Devil's Punchbowl Natural Area

In both March and April. This is my amazing niece on the rocks near the creek.

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