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Stop caring what other people think of me

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I am trying to be strong ...

It is so hard when I have lived seeking the approval of others and getting hurt. Too people – pleasing …

Need to focus on the people who really matter - Mom & Dad, husband and true friends - too much energy spent on people who really don’t care about me.

I am too sensitive

Which is a double edged sword. People love how ‘nice’ and thoughtful I am however, I so easily get my feelings hurt and take things personally. Wish I was stronger and didn’t care so much about what others think. I remember what my Mom said when I was younger when I had ‘tons of friends’ - ‘if you can have a few good true friends in your life you will be blessed’. I thought she was crazy cuz’ I had lots of friends … now I know -- after being hurt … hard lesson to learn.

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