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kiss a boy

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ok so it was worth doing just to get it over with…. but idk it was a drunken one so i really dont remember it and i think it was waaaaayyyy to much tongue on my part and def on his!!!! idk what’s even happening with him…. BOYS SUCK!

i'm ready for it

i’m ready to have my first kiss! i want it to be something amazing and something i’ll tell my kids, well the girls, but i want it to happen soon. i think i’ve waited pretty patiently for 17, 18 years on sunday. i think my first kiss will be with someone that i will end up dating so i’ve always just figured i can wait because i’ve always felt like i was never in the place to have a relationship. i’ve wanted to have one but i think inside i knew i shouldnt. i’m such an emotional roller coaster and i’ve never really felt confortable with who i am so why should i have a person in my life that would have to deal with that too. but this year i think i’ve finally grown into myself. i still have my insecurities but i feel like i’m not going to be up and do and i can really open myself up to someone. and every time i think of a relationship i’ve always felt that it is something that is very mature and i think i’m finally there.


so why do i always mess things up with guys? i always get close to something happening then i mess it up.

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