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organize my recipes

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Sandi has written 2 entries about this goal

Eventually ...

... I will figure out a system to organize my recipes. My recipe collection is quite large and will take a while to organize.

Started to move some recipes out of my Gmail before realizing that archived folders are easier to access when I am away from home. Maybe I will keep copies of frequently used recipes there, so I can view them while shopping or cooking at a relatives house.

Still focusing on magazines, bookmarks and a box of printed recipes. Once I get that under control, will merge all the recipes I currently have on Evernote, Google Drive and email.

A while ago ...

... I organized thousands of recipes to Evernote,but wasn’t the right format for me. Decided to use Google drive. It’s going to take a while to gather all collection of saved recipes from:

1. Email

2. My Computers


4. Pinterest

5. Recipe cards/clipped recipes

6. Magazines

7. Cookbooks

8. Evernote

It will be nice to have them in all one place. Someday.

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