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pay off credit cards

82 cheers


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Oh the holidays...

Despite this shopping season which has been difficult to resist, I’ve kept my purchases manageable, and I scheduled two payments today. When they net with my current balances, my new debt will be $600. I think I can finish this off in a couple months. That’s pretty darn cool.

Almost there

Made another payment of $300 today. Debt down to $716.34. Cannot wait to be done with this goal!

Made another payment

Current credit card debt: $1,032.70

Current cc debt

Made a significant payment.

Current Chase balance: $1,190.45

Current cc debt

I’ve made a few smallish payments this week so my current credit card balance is now $1509.57.

What I've put on the cards this week

10/29/08 Wendy’s: $3.23
11/2/08 CVS Pharmacy: $27.23
11/3-11/7 Wendy’s: $15.06

Pretty good week: $45.52

What I've put on the cards this week

10/26 Borders book signing: $27.51
10/26 Dinner at Quartino’s after book signing: $16.22
10/28 Electric bill: $48.76
10/29 Wendy’s: $3.23

Total: $95.72

Paid off

the Commerce card. yay!!

All I have left is Chase.


I went ahead and made another payment of $550

to my Commerce card, and $27.51 to my Chase card. So, my new balances are…

Commerce: $299.79
Chase: $1518.13

Drumroll…please: $1817.92

happy happy happy!

What I've put on the cards this week

On the chase cards I just made 3 charges:

10/21 – Dvd, $5.89

10/21 Petsmart (a cat’s gotta eat) – I also did make 2 impulse purchases there, cat treats, and a cat toy. – $36.99

10/23 Walgreens – I went in there to get a 2 for 1 special on an herbal supplement, and then also made some impulse purchases: socks and such, more cat toys(yah they’re set for awhile), gloves, and that’s all I can remember – $46.29

Total for the week: $89.17

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