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Own an original Jon Langford painting, baby!

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Come to me!!! I will take zee very good care of your artwork!

dancing with death in the dollar dress

mm. mm. mmmmm. Sheesh. If I only had a spare $3600 laying around. I knew if I waited too long I wouldn’t be able to afford these suckers.

p.s. incidentally, this would blend perfectly on that wall. Everything is black and taupe and silver and gray and couples in love and dancing…

40th birthday present

Yes, I think I deserve it! Would make a great 40th birthday present, don’t you think?!

Disaster Cowboy

damned if that don’t say it all. dat’s just all she done wrote.


Whine to me, baby!

and he loves Pay-tsee too

me too! Me loveses Paytsee from oh so long ago.

Tom Waits by Langford

OH YESSA. Ever since that fateful night I walked into Schuba’s and laid my eyes on the Langford-after-Langford I’ve been in LOOOVE. Not with the man. With the talent. Oh yessa. I gotta git me some. And then there was the year I was in austin for sxsw and went to the hideout/yarddog thing – oh, sublime heaven… and saw more artwork by mekon-boy AND!!! the billie holiday sardine can shrine. [was it really ? or was it part-fantasy] but that’s a story for another day.

If money and greed were no object, I would give this one to Anne and Andrew cause they suck so much.

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