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create a family history book

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Been very busy on this goal

I’ve put about 20 hours into this goal so far. I’m tracking the time to see how long it takes to complete it. Once I start doing the research, I get really wrapped up in it, and don’t want to stop.

I’ve started doing phone interviews.

Actively working on this goal

Actively working on this goal.

I'm starting to collect recipes of my own

things that I’m trying out that I like will be recorded to go into this cookbook.

Requests for the cookbook

1. Biscuits
2. Boston Brown bread
3. Peanut butter cookies
4. Christmas fruitcake
5. Molasses cookies
6. Pavlova

Hmmm, still thinking of ideas…

Maybe I should make it a “work-in-progress” cookbook with the ability to keep adding to it as I think of recipes!!!!!!!!!

Sheet to send out requesting recipes

I’m going to make a sheet with checkboxes so that people can choose which recipes they want to include.

For example,

Desserts ( )
Appetizers ( )
Mains ( )

Etc. Then this gives people an idea of what they might want to include, and then they can include more if they want.

An idea for organizing recipes

I read that you can organize recipes onto the backs of index cards, and then put them into a shoebox size box. This is something that I’m going to consider doing.

Bought a little scrapbook that has special paper for organizing

I can’t believe that I found the perfect paper for my cookbook! I was looking for a scrapbook, but found a little book that had pages for gluing in recipes, stories, and photos. I think that I’m going to photocopy the pages, and then send them in the mail for people to write down their recipes.

Family memories

Maybe include a list of family traditions involving food and cooking or share a funny story or a happy occassion.

Cookbook theme

I haven’t thought of a theme for the cookbook, but I have decided that the contributors will be from the female relatives and family friends (or on behalf of them).

I guess that in some ways that means that it’s already getting a “female theme” however I don’t have a “theme” for the cookbook itself and the recipes.

I’ll think of something…

Family photo

I think that it would be nice to have a family snapshot from each contributor or at least a photo of them in the kitchen (past, or present phtos).

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