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create a financial plan so that I will have financial security

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New Year means new goals to work on

I think that once I get things around the house organized I will be able to concentrate more on this goal.

Credit report


Budget binder

Finally getting around to organizing the clipping in my budget binder.

Keeping a budget journal

Starting July 1st I started a budget journal writing down everything that I spend. It really makes me think about where, when, and why I’m spending money.

I think that it’s an easy way to record spending without having to turn on the computer each time I want to record an entry.

My goal for August will be to cut back spending from some of the categories.

Wrote down a few goals

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote down a few goals within a framework of what action I’ll take, and I’ve already achieved a couple of small goals.

Each small step adds up. I think that I might make a vision board for my goals within this goal (create a financial plan so that I will have financial security).

Been thinking about this for a while...

I’ve been thinking about this goal a lot lately! Maybe too much. Maybe I’ve been stressing, and that is why the weight is not coming off anymore. Things will be interesting in a month’s time!

New Fridge

I was disappointed that the fridge stopped working when it did, but I guess that a 10 year old fridge would need to be replaced sooner or later: I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

I can’t believe how much food spoiled, and how quickly it happened!

Luckily fridges were on sale. I did a lot of research to find the fridge, and discovered how to negoiate discounts. This is the first time that I have used this to get a discount.

I’m very happy with my new fridge, and I think that in the long-run it will help to save money. I can see where the food is, and how much food I have which helps me to do my weekly menu plan.

I plan my menu once a week, shop for it once a week, and cook all of my meals at home. It really cuts down on the trips to the grocery store, food spoilage, and dining out.

One car, reduced cable

Insured, and driving one car, and reduced cable package. I don’t even miss the channels that are gone. It helps me to stay focused on my weight loss strategy.

It’s all about having a strategy to stay focused on my goals.

Saving money and losing weight going hand-in-hand?

It surprising, but I think that losing weight, and saving money are two things that you can do at the same time. Funny how you are trying lose something, but at the same time gain something!

Another thing that I’ve discovered is that losing weight, saving money is also tied to being organized. You need to be somewhat organized in order to do these two things.

I just need to find a way to manage all of my papers, and it will save me time…. oh, I guess that is another postive outcome (time management)!

Keep saving

My goal is to keep saving, and keep my spending under control.

One way to save money is to only insure, and drive one vehicle. It will be a challenge, but worth it in the long-run. I think that there may be some other cost-saving measures in the works. I’m thinking about cutting back on the cable tv package.

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